Consumer Information Guide 2017-2018

Military Benefits

Students who are entitled to U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) education benefits must make initial contact with a student advisor. A formal application for admission to the University should be completed before applying for DVA education benefits. Application for veteran education benefits should be sent to West’s certifying official for submission to the DVA. Each Western International University program segregated by instructional modality (classroom based or distance education), requires separate State Approving Agency (SAA) approval for the training of veterans or eligible persons.  A student should contact West for information on current approvals. 

Western International University Veterans Affairs Office will automatically certify the courses for VA Educational Benefits unless the student communicates otherwise. Individuals will need to communicate request to not certify a course by email or phone. By submitting the request the individual acknowledges, and agrees that he/she will not receive the following VA Educational Benefits for the courses listed below and will be responsible for payment of all tuition, fees and costs. (VA33-Post 9/11 recipients further acknowledge they will contact a student advisor for payment options).

DVA education benefit eligibility and payment rates vary depending on each individual’s military history and educational program being pursued.  Only the DVA can determine DVA education applications eligibility. For information, a student should contact a DVA representative, toll free at (888)-GI-BILL-1 (888-442-4551) or review Western International University does not participate in the DVA education advanced payment program. Visit the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs website at additional information on educational entitlements. On April 27, 2012, the President of the United States signed Executive Order 13607, Establishing Principles of Excellence for Educational Institutions Serving Service Members, Veterans/Spouses, and Other Family Members. This Executive Order addresses key areas relating to Federal military and veterans educational benefits programs. Military or affiliated students may qualify for federal assistance or student loans under federal financial aid programs (Title IV). 

For estimates of your total financial aid package and Title IV, please visit:

Credit for Prior Education and Training

Credit for prior education or training must be evaluated and reported to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) prior to the start of week 25 of enrollment.  The DVA may not always pay DVA education benefits after week 24 if the DVA records indicate the student has a large amount of transfer credits. 

Please ensure all prior education transcripts, and Joint Services Transcripts (JST) (Army, Navy, Marine), Coast Guard Institute transcripts, or DD-295, DD-214, are submitted for evaluation in a timely manner.  It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that all transcripts are submitted to the University.  Academic credit earned for courses appearing on an official transcript from a regionally accredited, or candidate for accreditation, college or university will be evaluated according to University policies and accepted subject to the approval of the University Registrar Office. 

Transfer credits based on a different unit of credit than the one prescribed by Western International University are subject to conversion before being transferred.  Only the official transcript and course evaluations performed by the University Registrar Office are final. Any preliminary reviews by campus personnel are unofficial, not binding, and subject to change.

Military Tuition Assistance

To obtain federal military tuition assistance, visit your education or Navy College Office to receive college counseling and develop an education plan. From that point, a student can submit a military tuition assistance request; for more information, students may speak with a student advisor at (602) 943-2311 or (866) 948-4636. 

A student can currently receive 100 % of federal tuition assistance from military service, with a $250 cap per semester hour, and a $4,500 annual limit. If a student wants to apply for military tuition assistance, a student will need to submit a completed authorization form to a student advisor at least two weeks before a course start date, and the student will need to contact their educational officer at their branch of service.

DVA Tuition Assistance Top-Up Benefit

Active duty students requesting to use the Tuition Assistance Top-Up (TATU) benefit program should direct all questions or concerns to the Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) at 888-GI-BILL-1 (888-442-4551) or online at  Western International University VA certifying official is not involved in the processing of any TATU request.

Readmission of Servicemembers

Any student whose absence from Western International University is necessitated because of service in the uniformed services is entitled to readmission if the following are met: 

  1. The student (or an appropriate officer of the Armed Forces or official of the Department of Defense) gives oral or written notice to the University Registrar Office confirming the absence from the University was necessitated by service in the uniformed services. 

  2. The cumulative length of the absence and all previous absences from Western International University because of service in the uniformed services does not exceed five years.

Upon receipt of deployment orders, students should be advised to notify the University Registrar Office, either orally or in writing.  It is recommended that a copy of the military deployment paperwork or a signed official letter from the commanding officer be submitted to your local campus.  Although this formal documentation is not required at the time of deployment, it will be necessary in order to be readmitted. 

A student who submits an application for readmission to the University must provide documentation to establish that:

  1. The student has not exceeded the specified service limitations; and

  2. The student’s eligibility for readmission has not been terminated. 

The University may not delay or attempt to avoid a readmission of a student under this section by demanding documentation that does not exist, or is not readily available, at the time of readmission.

A student’s eligibility for readmission to the University under this section because of a student’s service in the uniformed services terminates upon the occurrence of any of the following events:

  1. A separation of such person from the Armed Forces (including the National Guard and Reserves) with a dishonorable or bad conduct discharge;

  2. A dismissal of such person permitted under section 1161(a) of Title 10, U.S.C.; or

  3. A dropping of such person from the rolls pursuant to section 1161(b) of Title 10, U.S.

Note: If the student does not submit a notification of intent to reenroll within the time limits, the student is subject to the University established leave of absence policy and general practices.

Satisfactory Academic Progress for DVA Education Benefits

Information regarding University academic progression requirements for individual programs and information regarding the University’s program and cumulative grade point average policy may be found in the University Academic Catalog at

To receive Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) education benefits, a student must maintain satisfactory academic progress (SAP) and conduct. Accordingly, benefits will be terminated for individuals who are disqualified, suspended or expelled from the University.

Academic Support

Students are placed on Academic Support when they fall below the program GPA requirement. This status provides the student an opportunity to raise their program GPA to the required level before being placed on Academic Probation. Students will be notified by the Registrar’s Office when placed on Academic Support.

Students placed on Academic Support will have two (2) courses to improve their program GPA. While on this status students will be scheduled in a single course schedule pattern. Program GPA will be re-evaluated after each completed course and the student will be removed from the Academic Support as soon as the program GPA is acceptable. Students who do not meet the program GPA requirement after two (2) courses on Academic Support, will be placed on Academic Probation.

Academic Support will be applied to students who are admitted with a GPA below program requirements.

Veterans’ benefits and Financial Aid students may continue to receive funds while on Academic Support.

Academic Probation

Academic Probation will occur when a student is not able to reach the program GPA minimum during Academic Support. Students will be notified by the Registrar’s Office when placed on Academic Probation.

Students are allowed to complete two (2) courses on Academic Probation during which program GPA must be raised to an acceptable level. While on this status, students will be scheduled in single course schedule pattern. They may also be required to repeat courses with unacceptable grades to improve program GPA. Program GPA will be reevaluated at the end of both courses to determine if the student can be placed back in good standing. Students who do not meet the program GPA requirement at the end of Academic Probation will be Academically Suspended.

Veteran students will continue to receive DVA education benefits during the probation period. The veteran will be informed of the probation, and a notation to the student DVA file will be recorded when the probationary period commenced.

Academic Suspension

Academic Suspension will result if a student fails to clear Academic Probation Status during the two (2) course probationary period. A suspended student may petition to return through the Academic Appeals Process after a period of six (6) months.

Upon approval to return, students are subject to the academic and university polices in effect at the time of re-enrollment. The student must achieve an acceptable program GPA within two (2) courses. Students will be scheduled in courses applicable to their program and may be required to repeat courses with unacceptable grades. While on this status, students will be scheduled in single course schedule pattern. 

Students need to work closely with a student advisor during this two (2) course return period. Students who succeed in raising their program GPA will be placed back in good standing. Students who fail to achieve the required program GPA will be academically dismissed from the University.

Veteran students will not be eligible for DVA educational benefits after suspension. The DVA and student will be notified of the suspension.