Consumer Information Guide 2016-2017

Readmission of Servicemembers

Any student whose absence from Western International University is necessitated because of service in the uniformed services is entitled to readmission if the following are met: 

  1. The student (or an appropriate officer of the Armed Forces or official of the Department of Defense) gives oral or written notice to the University Registrar Office confirming the absence from the University was necessitated by service in the uniformed services. 

  2. The cumulative length of the absence and all previous absences from Western International University because of service in the uniformed services does not exceed five years.

Upon receipt of deployment orders, students should be advised to notify the University Registrar Office, either orally or in writing.  It is recommended that a copy of the military deployment paperwork or a signed official letter from the commanding officer be submitted to your local campus.  Although this formal documentation is not required at the time of deployment, it will be necessary in order to be readmitted. 

A student who submits an application for readmission to the University must provide documentation to establish that:

  1. The student has not exceeded the specified service limitations; and

  2. The student’s eligibility for readmission has not been terminated. 

The University may not delay or attempt to avoid a readmission of a student under this section by demanding documentation that does not exist, or is not readily available, at the time of readmission.

A student’s eligibility for readmission to the University under this section because of a student’s service in the uniformed services terminates upon the occurrence of any of the following events:

  1. A separation of such person from the Armed Forces (including the National Guard and Reserves) with a dishonorable or bad conduct discharge;

  2. A dismissal of such person permitted under section 1161(a) of Title 10, U.S.C.; or

  3. A dropping of such person from the rolls pursuant to section 1161(b) of Title 10, U.S.

Note: If the student does not submit a notification of intent to reenroll within the time limits, the student is subject to the University established leave of absence policy and general practices.