Catalog 2016-2017

University Teaching and Learning Model

A specialist in innovative education since 1978, Western International University (West) understands that tomorrow’s innovators will need a real understanding of the international commercial, political and cultural issues shaping the future. Its forward-thinking curriculum, taught by practitioner faculty, is aimed at preparing working students from around the world for leadership positions in the dynamic, global marketplace. With undergraduate and graduate degrees in areas such as business, technology and behavioral science, West’s unique curriculum combines each area of study with worldwide political economics, as well as cross-cultural communication and interpersonal skills. Each course lasts 8 weeks, and terms begin monthly. As a general rule, most students begin a new course each month while completing the prior course.

The West classroom combines live and recorded audio- and visual-based courses with web-based support. Students have access to complete course material, eTexts, supplemental learning materials, lectures, assessments, assignments, and class discussions through the MyWest learning system. Students have weekly interactive sessions in a virtual classroom live discussions and learning activities with their faculty and other students.

To ensure the best user experience, refer to the minimum and recommended computer requirements listed in Student Computer Requirements.

The West Formula: Learn, Practice, Apply

Courses are structured to follow a weekly path of Learn, Practice, Apply– a path proven to help students better absorb and utilize new information.


  • A series of short videos and reading assignments are provided to the student each week
  • All course materials and electronic textbooks are linked from within MyWest student website 


  • After each video, students take a short knowledge check to help process the content
  • Interactive exercises help reinforce new knowledge
  • Weekly review quizzes that summarize the lessons


  • Students engage with instructors and fellow students through weekly discussion questions and online live sessions to put learning into practical context
  • Weekly assignments take multiple forms: tests, presentations, papers, or other activities
  • Assignments are structured to help balance students' workload over the 8-week term

Assessments & Engagement

  • Many self-assessments throughout the course help students review their learning
  • Graded tests and written assignments challenge students to demonstrate their knowledge
  • Instructors provide individualized and meaningful feedback on all written assignments
  • Students may post questions anytime and receive instructor responses within 48 hours
  • Students have weekly live interactive sessions with faculty during posted office hours
  • A demonstration of the West online experience can be found on our website at

The West faculty have both advanced academic qualifications (master’s degree or higher) and professional qualifications, many with international experience. They bring both theoretical and practical knowledge and skill to their teaching and facilitate student collaboration to maximize teaching and learning.

It is the University’s belief that any student who might benefit from enrollment in its programs is welcome. However, academic standards remain rigorous and require that students come to West prepared for university-level work or seek the preparation they need either before they begin their coursework or during their initial enrollment period.