Catalog 2016-2017

Student Grievance

Grievances, other than non-discrimination or harassment, must be submitted in writing to the Office of Dispute Management (ODM), which will determine the appropriate course of action or render a decision.

Financial Grievance

Student requests for finance related policy exceptions must be submitted through a student advisor within six (6) weeks from the disputed charge date. Grievances relating to financial aid, account balances, or collections must be reviewed by University management before being submitted to ODM. All requests must include relevant documentation and supporting statements. When such a grievance is received by ODM, the student will be provided guidance to file an appeal to be reviewed by the Financial Executive Review Committee (FERC) for a final decision if it cannot be resolved informally.

Please contact: 

Office of Dispute Management
4025 S. Riverpoint Parkway
Mailstop CF--SX01
Phoenix, AZ 85040
(602) 557.3391


Student Grade Appeal

Students must initiate all inquiries regarding a final course grade within six (6) weeks of the end of the course. Students must first contact the faculty member involved to attempt to resolve the issue. The faculty member is required to review grade calculations for accuracy and respond to student inquiries in writing within ten (10) days of the request with a summary of the grade calculation. Every reasonable attempt should be made by both parties to resolve the issue at this level. The instructor’s decision is final.

If the instructor does not respond to the student within ten (10) days, the student may contact his/her Academic Counselor to initiate a formal appeal. Appeals must include a letter summarizing the request, all relevant supporting materials, and documentation of attempts to reach the faculty. No grade appeals will be considered if not submitted within six (6) weeks of the course end date.

Grade disputes that are based on alleged discrimination (as defined under the heading Nondiscrimination Policy and Harassment Policy) are reviewed as non-grade-related grievances and should be submitted accordingly. 

Student Appeals

Students may submit requests for exception to University policy in writing through an Advisor for submission to Student Appeals, for determination of the appropriate course of action or rendering of a decision. Certain University policies, such as academic statuses and program deadlines, may not be appealed. It is incumbent upon the student to submit all relevant information and supporting materials with the initial appeal. All appeals must be initiated within published time frames.

Transfer credit appeals must include course materials for courses in question. Advisors can provide students further information regarding submission of Student Appeals. Students will receive a written response within two (2) weeks of appeal submission.

In all cases of administrative and academic student appeals, if the issue cannot be resolved after exhausting the University’s procedures, students may file an external complaint. Students must contact the State Board for further details.