Catalog 2016-2017

Re-Entry to the University

Students who allow a time lapse of 12 months since attending their last class meeting are placed on Inactive Status. To regain Active Status, students must submit a new Application for Admission and meet the current admission requirements (refer to the Admission Policy for details). Students will re-enter under the current catalog program requirements. Note: Not all programs may be available in the current catalog.


U.S. Military Service members who wish to re-enter the University are accommodated under the Higher Education Opportunity Act (section 484C). These students should contact West’s advisement for specific information.


Re-entering students who left on Academic Probation will be re-evaluated upon admission.

  • If the student meets the program GPA requirements, the Academic Probation will be lifted.
  • If the student does not meet the program GPA requirements, the student will be placed on Academic Support to improve his/her GPA (refer to the Academic Support Policy for details).


Re-entering students who left on Academic Suspension are required to submit an appeal to return to Active Status (refer to the Academic Suspension Policy for details).