Catalog 2016-2017

Double Majors

Undergraduate students, in all programs except the Bachelor of Science in Business, may simultaneously complete two majors, provided both majors lead to the same degree (i.e., Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts), residency requirements can be met and the majors are currently being offered. A minimum of 24 credits must be completed in residence at West for the second major. A maximum of nine credits (institutional and transfer) may be shared between both majors.

Students enrolled in Master of Arts or Master of Business Administration (with a specialty) programs may simultaneously complete two currently offered majors that lead to the same degree. Students enrolled in the general MBA program are not eligible for double major nor are students in a Master of Science program. A minimum of 15 credits must be completed in residence for the second major. All requirements for each major must be satisfied, and no single major course may apply to both majors. The request for a second major must be indicated prior to enrollment in any of the major courses for the second major. Program requirements of the second major will be based on those in effect at the time of the request. Prior transfer and institutional credits will be evaluated for applicability to the new major. Only one diploma will be issued.

Students who wish to pursue the Accountancy Certificate in tandem with a degree program must complete 30 credits specific to the Certificate. The Registrar's Office will issue an official notice of acceptance.