Catalog 2016-2017


Senior Leadership Team

Ms. Tracy Lorenz

Dr. Christopher Davis

Mr. Christopher Hewitt
Vice President of Marketing

Ms. Heidi Phipps
Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Ken Costello
Vice President of Operations & Business Intelligence

Mr. Kristophyre C. McCall
Sr. Vice President of University Operations

Ms. Stephanie J. Leach
Vice President of Information Technology

Board of Trustees

Ms. Abbie Beller
Global Advantage, Inc.

Mr. Barry Wong
Equal Opportunity & Community Engagement Professional
Former Arizona Corporation Commissioner & Legislator

Ms. Beth Coronelli
Vice President Investor Relations
The Apollo Education Group

Mr. David Kaufman
Lawyer & Partner
Thompson Colburn LLP

Dr. James Ratcliff
CEO and Chairman of the Board
Rowpar Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Mr. Mark Brenner
Senior Vice President, Business Development, Corporate Communications & External Affairs
Apollo Education Group, Inc.

Mr. Mitch Bowling
Chief Operating Officer
Apollo Education Group, Inc.

Mr. Tony Astorga
Sr. Vice President/CFO (Retired)
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona

Ms. Tracy Lorenz
Western International University