Academic Programs Addendum – September 2016

Bachelor of Science in Business

*West is not currently enrolling new students into this program.

The Bachelor of Science in Business program is designed for students who want to acquire a solid foundation in general business, but have not yet decided in which area of business to specialize, or for those who wish to individualize their program. Students have the option to combine general business studies with a distinctive and rigorous minor in a selected discipline. Minor courses provide excellent preparation for further graduate study. Students may choose 300- and 400-level courses (prerequisites must be met) in any discipline or combination of disciplines to fulfill 30 credits of major requirements.

Minor in Public Administration is offered to organizations that wish to provide site-based instruction to their employees. This program requires a minimum enrollment and is open only to employees of the sponsoring organization.

See complete program details for the Bachelor of Science in Business.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Systematically collect, analyze, and selectively use information from multiple business disciplines.
  2. Apply logical reasoning and analysis to anticipate and recognize business problems and opportunities.
  3. Make sound business decisions from among competing choices based on the selection of an optimal solution.
  4. Analyze business decisions and make appropriate strategic adjustments.
  5. Demonstrate techniques for successful project management.

Note: How students choose to complete their Major and/or Minor Requirements will determine additional Program Learning Outcomes specific to the course(s) of study chosen.

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Business program may elect to declare a minor by concentrating 15 upper division credits in one discipline. A maximum of two minors may be selected.

Students may make the declaration at any time prior to completion of 117 credits toward degree completion; however, they are encouraged to declare early in their programs and consult with a student advisor to ensure selection and availability of correct courses.

Minors need to be currently offered for new enrollment to be approved. Program requirements will be those in effect at the time of the declaration or, by petition, those in effect under the student’s original catalog. Any one course may count for credit toward only one minor, and the specific courses required for minors can be found in the Academic Program Requirements section of the catalog.

Course Requirements

General Education Requirements – 42 credits

Elective Courses – 21 credits

Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) – 15 credits

ECO 301Economic Theory


INB 300International BusinessWriting Intensive


MGT 340Organization Theory and Behavior


MGT 352Political, Legal, and Ethical Issues in Business


RES 311Quantitative Methods for Decision Making


Business Core – 15 credits

ACC 200Introduction to Accounting and Finance


FIN 317Financial Management


MGT 337Supervision and Leadership


MGT 370Operations Management


MKT 308Marketing Management


Major Requirements – 33 credits

Students have the following three choices to complete 30 of the 33 Major Requirements credits:

  1. Select 10 upper-division electives from ACC, COM, CRB, FIN, HRM, IT, LGS, MGT, or MKT and no more than 3 total courses from BEH or INS.       OR
  2. Select five upper-division elective courses (15 credits) from ACC, COM, CRB, FIN, HRM, IT, LGS, MGT, or MKT and no more than 3 total courses from BEH or INS AND declare one minor (15 credits)     OR
  3. Declare one or two minors (15 credits each). Minors carry specific requirements.


Select one of the following courses for the remaining 3 credits:

CAP 485Integrated Capstone


ITS 400Undergraduate Internship


ITS 400: Internships are currently only available in Arizona.

Total Credit Hours: 126